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a family history

Le Domaine Gadaisis located in Saint-Fiacre, in the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, appellation within the Loire Valley. In 1952, Louis Gadais sought to bottle and sell his wine, and in doing so, was considered a trailblazer in the field. In 1959, his sons Marcel and Michel began supporting him, and developed the same approach to quality that would ultimately convert a loyal customer base fortheir Muscadet. The estate is spread out over around a hundred plots, all dedicated to the cultivation of Melon de Bourgogne. Favouring a healthy, nature-focused approach to work, Domaine Gadais has also always advocated for sustainable agriculture. The most important thing is what is in the bottle. Which is, needless to say, no shortage of quality. Muscadet lovers, you came to the right place !

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Gadais Père et Fils Muscadet also owes the diversity of its wines to its extremely diverse soil. Spread out over more than 50 hectares, the vines benefit from several rock types that will help to produce authentic wines with strong personalities. Between orthogneiss, mica schist, and amphibolite, all of these metamorphic rocks create ideal conditions for growing especially original Melon de Bourgogne. Finally, the sandy structure of our estate is an additional benefit. Natural drainage exists, allowing our vines to take advantage of the best that the subsoil has to offer with no risk of excessive moisture.  

For a wineproducer in the Loire, these factors combined are a true blessing, and we have the expertise to take full advantage. We are very well-known suppliers in the region and throughout France. But we want to grow Domaine Gadais Père et Fils and achieve an international standing. This is why our exportation French white wine is another important asset for our family.

For generations, and for more generations to come, Gadais Muscadet is a benchmark that you must try!

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A French wine exporter like Gadais Muscadet must be especially vigilant when it comes to their image. It is not only our wine products that are commercialized, but also our image, which is projected internationally. Founded on grape varieties as celebrated as Melon de Bourgogne, Melon Blanc, we are truly ambassadors of the winemaking expertise of the region of Nantes. This makes it possible to grow the reach of the Muscadet producerswe are proud to represent. Our Melon de Bourgogne variety, which possesses a unique quality, is the result of a long ageing process. Being a producer of sur-lie Muscadet Muscadet is yet another challenge that we take on every day to allow you to savour excellence.

Our exceptional

If the Gadais Père et Fils enterprise has been handed down through the generations to produce a lineage of passionate winemakers, our wines are made in the image of this constancy: strengthened by ancestral heritage and facing forward into the future. As part of the Domaine Gadais range, you can sample such celebrated wines as:

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Decanter 2024 : What a score ! 95 points ! That's our score to DWWA 2024 for Peninsula Vieilles Vignes 2022 !It is rare for a Muscadet to exceed 93 points. We are so proud the Jury gave such a good note to our cuvee.…

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Spring is coming We have been waiting for it and it is finally coming... Sun !It is time to enjoy outside, to open a cool bottle of Muscadet and eat some oysters, sea food or grilled fishes.Don't hesitate to ask us for the best wine-pairing…